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The Moneyless Man

Page history last edited by Paul Crosland 13 years, 6 months ago

Extract from The Moneyless Man by Mark Boyle:

(NB Amazon reviews etc here)


"Paul Crosland and Edmund Johnson asked me to help them promote their new project, Freelender, at the Buddhafield Festival. In return for helping them, I'd get into the festival for free. I am pretty fussy about what projects I'll support but Freelender (www.freelender.org) fitted the bill perfectly. Its aim was to maximise use of resources in local communities, through a website where people could borrow and lend stuff (from books to bicycles) to and from those who may not otherwise be able to afford them. Not only does it save people money, it makes better use of limited resources and helps build resilient communities through acts of kindness and trust. Very similar ideals to the Freeconomy Community and a good example of an organisation springing up to fill another part of the 'gift economy'; a social movement in which goods and services are regularly given without an explicit exchange agreement, relying on informal custom and the culture and spirit of giving.

I wasn't sure if Buddhafield would be my type of festival. Much as I wanted to help Freelender get off the ground, I was concerned there might be too much Chai Tea and Tai Chi for my taste. But Paul and Edmund offered to get me in and make sure I didn't run out of food for the five days, so I decided to go. During the day I worked in a tent handing out leaflets and questioning people about their attitudes towards borrowing and lending. We ran a Freeshop from which people could take things they needed for free and leave things they didn't want any more, set up a borrowing and lending service for things like blankets, wellies and so on and organised liftsharing so that people could get home from the festival for free." (p144-145)

(Mark Boyle, 2010)


(Use of the freelender tent is now available from ecomodo.com by the way -tent in Bristol BS7 and pictures of this tent are on the bottom of the frelenders blog & here -Sunn Camp Frontier tent.
Please also put wanted ads for camping equipment -much available on request- on ecomodo.com or freelender.org.
On freelender.org a WANTED request just involves adding an item and then beginning that item description with WANTED.
Searching on freelender.org for WANTED items just involves putting WANTED into the search box, and then typing in the rlevant postcode. Note: for those who are not registered the search function is limited to postcode BS7. Registration on freelender.org is free and probably more painless than you imagine.)



Next Steps with freelender.org?:

Why not join "The Lend-It-All Man" in offering what you can on freelender.org and seeing what it's like to open to a world of generosity. It starts with you sharing.

Register at freelender.org here, then add a sewing machine, a beach-hut or just a DVD.



Also consider taking next steps with ecomodo.com (and raise money for charities from renting out your less-frequently used stuff) or, if you have stuff to give away too then try  letsallshare.com as well as the usual suspects



Next Steps with Mark Boyle:

(Join The Moneyless Man facebook page and www.justfortheloveofit.org)

(One of the Moneyless Man's green blogs on the Guardian -how to dance & make merry without spending a penny)


And if you publish (in any form) why not interview The Lend It All Man, Paul Crosland, by ringing him/texting on Zero 780 70 66 202



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Paul Crosland said

at 3:56 pm on Nov 3, 2010

Mark's update on the spread of "The Moneyless Man" book: "As you know, my book The Moneyless Man came out in the UK and Ireland a few months ago, and in the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa last month. A Korean translation was published a few weeks ago and another seven translations are now on their way - Chinese, Taiwanese, German, Turkish, Portuguese (for Brazil), Japanese, whilst we're distributing 70,000 free copies to the lovely people of Romania (who've adopted Freeconomy quickly) in their own language."

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