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Freelender on the web

Page history last edited by Paul Crosland 13 years, 11 months ago

Freelender as reported in Books:


Freelender on the web


Where others have reported about freelender.org activity:


Forum for the Future - January 2010

Open Collective blog - October 2009

Great Turning Times - August 2009 (see item 17 in the newsletter)

Freeconomy blog (justfortheloveofit.org) - July 2009


Also Jailbrake competition entries:


Swapshop video recording extracted from Paul Crosland's You Tube account


If you register with freelender.org we'd appreciate it if you tlet us know how you heard about us.

If you just want to tell us about another website (or via a multiparty email) which brought you (directly or indirectly) to this page, please let us know.

We really want to learn more about how people do(and can in future) find us, so that the community of freelenders grows faster than the challenges humanity faces

-i.e. we want many more people to have the opportunity to share resources more. Please spread this message, whether or not you to choose to become a freelender, and please find a way to support the wider group of Community Organisations working for this change.














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