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Responsible borrowing and lending

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Saved by Paul Crosland
on August 11, 2009 at 1:56:56 pm

We can learn a great deal from our experience of Irresponsible Borrowing & Lending:


  • Lending something to someone who never returns anything, only discovering this later.
  • Borrowing something without finding out how much it's worth, and then damage it.  For example, by taking your friend's rare Jane Austen first edition to read on your beach holiday.
  • Lending something without telling the borrower when you'd like it back. ("but it was obvious...")
  • Discovering that you've lost someone's contact details after they borrowed one of your DVDs 6 months ago.
  • Borrowing loads of things from different people and forget what belongs to who.
  • Agreeing to lend something to someone when you'd really rather not.

[add your other negative experiences here please, so that we all learn together]


Add your tips for Responsible Lending Here:


  • Agree the return date for the lend: [Tick box] No of times I did this? [ …]
  • Agree the value of the item that was lent:
  • Etc....

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