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Responsible borrowing and lending

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We can learn a great deal from our experience of Irresponsible Borrowing & Lending:


  • Lending something to someone who never returns anything, only discovering this later.
  • Borrowing something without finding out how much it's worth, and then damage it.  For example, by taking your friend's rare Jane Austen first edition to read on your beach holiday.
  • Lending something without telling the borrower when you'd like it back. ("but it was obvious...")
  • Discovering that you've lost someone's contact details after they borrowed one of your DVDs 6 months ago.
  • Borrowing loads of things from different people and forget what belongs to who.
  • Agreeing to lend something to someone when you'd really rather not.

[add your other negative experiences here please, so that we all learn together]


Add your tips for Responsible Lending Here:


  • Agree the return date for the lend: [Tick box] No of times I did this? [ …]
  • Agree the value of the item that was lent:
  • Etc....


(If you email us and ask for a copy of our latest version of the borrowing and lending tips we have some notes not yet on this wiki site which might further increase the succeses of your borrowing and lending, even to your close friends and family!)

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