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Requests for assistance

Page history last edited by Paul Crosland 14 years, 3 months ago



URGENT: Finding Funders (subscription to funding database runs out 28th February 2010)

If you have any time to search for funders for whom we might apply to develop freelender.org, then this website is one place to start.

Log in as paul.crosland[at]yahoo.com, with the passwd 'funinsun' to save having to pay the £250+ annual subscription.

If you find a viable funder, please contact freelender here.

(For more ideas about what kind of projects might be funded see the freelenders blog or consider this idea for Peer 2 Peer Gaming Libraries in Schools):P2P.docx



Join one of the monthly development groups:

From September 2009 there are free opportunities to join in any of the following action-planning groups. (Some will meet face to face, and the country will be covered with free telephone conferences, facilitated by someone skilled in this way of working efficiently). Can you indicate whether your interest is low, medium or high in any of the following:


“Group One - Campaigning group -which starts up new related projects and develops networking?”


“Group Two – Marketing, Freelending Trainings, Freecycling & freelending parties and Press Liaison Group”


“Group Three – User Experience and Website Development Group”


“Group Four – Conflict Transformation Training Group”


“Group Five – Staff Recruitment and Induction Group”


If the above opportunities interest you, please offer your support by contacting freelender here, letting us know where you live and times that suit if we arrange a meeting that you would be likely to attend.


Market Researchers wanted

Please feel free to use this questionnaire and contact us with the results. Buddhafield Support Questionnaire v5.doc

(We are also seeking someone wishing to write a brief reseach paper on the findings, which could get you trained in research skills or could be part of your degree/higher degree qualification.

Join in the ongoing development of the research into the 'necessary cultural change' and make the world how you'd like it.

Some funding is available from Freelending CIC for research, if this helps your participation,)


Please also aquaint yourself with the market research pages


I'm just about to contact a former director of Saatchi and Saatchi who is interested in my work. I'll be asking if he's willing to coach any of the volunteers who undertake the market research for Freelending CIC.


If the above opportunities interest you, please offer your support by contacting freelender here.



Host your own Freelender party to increase sharing and connection with your neighbours

- posters etc to be available here shortly.


If the above opportunities interest you, please offer your support by

contacting freelender here


Lyricists, Musicians and Film Crew?

Lyricists and musicians needed for a re-working of Shirley Bassey's "Big Spender" -Lyrics and original song here:

If the above opportunities interest you, please offer your support by contacting freelender here


Letter for those offering graphic design skills


Dear X


I hope that you have space in your life for the freeconomy at present? Thank you for mentioning your graphic design skills on the website; skills which could greatly help with the launch of  a new community website - freelend.org, sharing the wealth of the community.


We are inviting all the graphic designers we have identified through freeconomy to a choice of meetings. At these meetings we will be discussing the ideas for the logo, graphics, colour scheme and typefaces for the website.  We would be delighted if you could meet up with us that day.  However, if you are not free that day, but have ideas about the site, we would love to hear them via email or telephone.


Background information:


We are working (with some collaboration with Mark Boyle) to create a site that expands the freeconomy ethos, that actively encourages sharing of a wide range of items, and that builds in a way which helps people have confidence in who they lend to - through what we call 'trust stats'. In these ways freelender.org will have a vital role to play in helping people in the face of economic downturn to work together more closely, and build a more resilient community. So where do you come in?


Freelender.org needs a logo and some design ideas for the web pages, publicity leaflets and posters.

We are working towards:

- the wider launch of the website

- a poster about the site to encourage browsing on it, for display in Libraries, cafes, health food stores, etc.

- a leaflet to deliver door to door inviting people to: a) search on the site / register &/or: b) attend a freelend party in a local house or hall.


Working within the freeconomy ethos, do you have something that you could offer to the development of this project? What would you like to propose?


We look forward to hearing from you.


Yours gratefully

Edmund Johnson (0117 9832955 or 07811 324860) and Paul Crosland.

Directors of Freelending Community Interest Company

If the above opportunities interest you, please offer your support by contacting freelender here.



Shortlist of Known (& recommended) Graphic Designers to approach:



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