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Project Steering Group

Page history last edited by Paul Crosland 13 years, 12 months ago

Project Steering Group meetings are currently for Edmund and Paul, with occasional guests.


This page is to record reminders of which preparation to do in advance of the next meeting.  For example, which bits of the wiki (and other papers) to read.  This will often include reading the frequently updated front page of the wiki.

Agenda for next meeting:

Agenda items include:

  1. Date of next meeting.
  2. Decisions made at previous meeting - are they a correct record?
  3. Actions outstanding from last meeting.
  4. Anything of concern on the Wiki front page? (Read time 5min, discussion 5 min)
  5. Any comments on the freelender.org home page and default search? (Read time 5min, discussion 5 min)
  6. Anything else to put on the agenda from Freelending CIC Private Business
  7. Our June 2010 Guardian publicity
  8. Festival review.
  9. Freegle / Freeconomy / LetsAllShare  & CPS relationships  
  10. Blog post for Freeconomy. 
  11. Active engagement with Katherine Hui (Do the Green Thing & Social Innovation Camp) (You tube videos being uploaded on www.freelenders.blogspot.com)
  12. Active recruitment of friends and family to our teleconferences - and changing the time to suit, e.g. by using AgreeADate.
  13. Ecomodo -Paul's 'three yardsticks' for beginning collaboration: i) Do we know each other well enough to have identified at least one way that we want to work with each other?; ii) Do we see each other more as collaborators or competitors?; iii) What else would help us co-exist?
  14. (High-I, Med-U) Grid of who does what in non-buying sector.
  15. (Med-I,High-U) PC: Freelending CIC stationery design.
  16. (Future meeting) PC: (For Information) Reporting back on meeting with accountant, inc. 5 year repayment period.
  17. (High-I Med-U) What next for our other projects in relation to Freelending CIC? - the possibles that most determine the future of FL, then the probable changes, then the other possibilities and ideas.  Also overlap with our and other people's projects.
  18. Freelender stories this week.
  19. How we work through phases of struggle and inspiration? (What works best to sustain us, and how we'd like to be seen?) PC: Proposal to introduce an additional 'Heart & Soul' monthly group, as transition towns often have, for working with the periods of despair in trying to attend to the issues of sustainability as we see them from our (insufficient) contribution.
  20. Anything else arising from the Development Groups (Networking Group, Marketing Group, Website Development Group, Community Conflict Transformation Group, Staff Recruitment and Induction Group or Fundraising Group)



Outstanding Actions


From 10th November 2009:

  • PC: Write annual report by end of November.


From 15th September 2009:

  • EJ: Create database queries for website stats (instead of having to manually count!).
  • PC: Contact NHS trust person. Paul, what's the status of this action?

  • PC: Tidy up the How we work together wiki page.


Additional Agenda Items for Quarterly Review Meeting:

(Next Quarterly Review Meeting - June 2010)


  • PC: Quarterly spot check on how we're doing relative to these 6 'yardsticks':

    The nature of High Performance Organisations-HPO-SCORES MODEL.doc

  • PC: How to make an approach for a joint working project (see this article)
  • PC: Annual return to Companies House and CIC interest satement -see CIC community test
  • PC: to bring proposed text to follow up the Buddhafield interviewees, including possible follow-up questionnaire.
  • PC: Proposal that we stick with the freelender name for longer (eg due to its market positioning) & also consider work under a wider title (incorporating some of the 'stuff management' and 'matchpoint' agenda).
  • PC: Submission of annual report (January 2010?).
  • Telephone numbers -and paul's advertising
  • PC: Request from the Community Conflict Transformation Group to spend at least an hour reviewing the page: How we work together and re-structure our aims and value-statements so that we are both confident that we are clear in our communication to others about how this project works and how people can be involved. (Values -Inclusivity & Clarity)
  • PC: Implementing Equality Monitoring, which is part of what a funder might want from us.
  • To spend an hour discussing our liability for anything that goes awry.
  • Website stats; numbers of members, items and transactions.


Decisions Made


September 8th


  • Rename this group the Project Steering Group.
  • The freelender code will be open source.  It will be made open source after the first full release.
  • Paul's 'StuffManagement' and 'MatchPoint' ideas can form part of a bigger picture, of which freelender is a part.
  • A future campaign will target contacting lots of groups at once, so that people see freelender in several places in a short space of time. See Marketing Group for more detail.
  • Freelending CIC will not seek Data Protection registration, insurance, or other legal documentation at present.


Wiki Pages for which this development group is solely responsible:


Development Plan

Situation Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Keys to Success



The Generosity Consortium

Freelending CIC Steering Group

About Freelending Community Interest Company

CIC community test




front page (old)



Pages for which this development group is jointly responsible:

Wiki pages

  • The FrontPage. This responsibility is shared with all the other development groups. This group is solely responsible for keeping the details of the next Project Steering Group meeting up to date.


freelender.org pages

  • This group is jointly responsible for the descriptive text (i.e. the text on the front page, the help text, etc) on the freelender.org website. This responsibility is shared with the Website Development Group.


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