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Networking Group

Page history last edited by Paul Crosland 13 years, 8 months ago

The Networking Group  is one of the Development Groups.


Vision: A world where organisations and people working towards a more sharing society work openly together for the benefit of all.

Mission: This group is responsible for making and maintaining links with organisations and people with whom Freelending CIC has or would like to have a working relationship.

Aims (Q1 2010):

  • To maintain and deepen the relationships with LetsAllShare and the Freeconomy.
  • To create relationships with Freecycle and/or Freegle groups.


Contents of this Group's Home Page:

Next Meeting - last week of July 2010 (details to follow, or contact us)

Click here to get details of how to join the Networking Group Teleconference.

(If these meeting arrangements do not suit and you want to be involved please use the contact form link here)


Agenda Items

  1. Date of next meeting. 
  2. Decisions made at previous meeting - are they a correct record?
  3. Actions outstanding from previous meetings. 
  4. Building an even-better working relationship with ecomodo.com
  5. Building on our working relationship with Freegle, Lets All Share and the Centre for Peaceful Solutions, as embeded at the UK Aware event.
  6. The bigger picture as painted on this (private business) page
  7. Inviting many more colleagues to contribute to the freelenders blog; particularly as it is now introduced with the following words:

"Which is your favourite way of saving resources and building community? Freecycling? Freegle? Freeconomy? Freelender? LetsAllShare.com? Ecomodo? "There's nothing I own that can't be borrowed or fractionally owned”(Paul Crosland, co-director, Freelending CIC). This blog is the top UK source for information on the developments/developers within the 'sharing & gift economics' sector."


& Next steps in:

  • talking to magazines
  • talking to organisations working in the same sector
  • negotiating mutual links on websites
  • offering the freelender service to organisations who could benefit from it
  • creatively looking out for unexpected opportunities
  • distributing publicity material.


Agenda Items for a Future Meeting:

  1. Setting up a 'Getting the most out of freelender.org" clinic (eg showing people how to put on all their borrowing to and from friends who aren't yet on freelender, so that they can keep track of all their stuff.)
  2. Experiences from 'would be freelender champions' of the difficulty of promoting freelending locally.
  3. Identifying and supporting active freelenders (not just freelender.org users)  


Organisations that Freelending CIC could network with:


For all these organisations, it is worth finding out who funds them (often shown on their website), for possible future funding bids.


Date Added Organisation Next Action
16/10/09 mySociety
mySociety "run most of the UK's best-known democracy websites".  These are mostly websites which interface with local and national government in some way.
They run the very wonderful and useful Groups Near You website.
16/10/09 DC10 plus
DC10plus aims to promote social inclusion through the use of technology. It is a collaborative network of local authorities and their partners dedicated to creating partnerships, sharing best practice and developing new initiatives.
See especially their community building capacity page.
16/10/09 Bristol Environmental Technologies Sector
BETS is a trade association and sector partnership between businesses, academia, investors, local authorities, regional and national agencies promoting the growth of the environmental technologies and services sector in the Bristol city-region.
None at the moment - their website does not seem to tie in with Freelender.
16/10/09 West of England Carbon Challenge
The West of England Carbon Challenge helps organisations in the region reduce their emissions in line with national targets.
Their website doesn't look too promising for Freelender.
16/10/09 Bristol Green Capital
Bristol Green Capital aims to accelerate the pace of change in our economy and our communities towards the low carbon future that will make Bristol a more sustainable, healthier, greener city.
16/10/09 Connecting Bristol
Connecting Bristol works to harness the energy and creativity of the city to extend opportunities through digital inclusion.





Wiki Pages for which this development group is solely responsible:

Freecycle groups in UK


News Stories -Background

Networking - 2010 UK Aware exhibitors

Ways to connect with others wanting to share more

Working with freeconomy members

Indexing the Freelender Clubs


Pages for which this development group is jointly responsible:

Wiki pages

How freelender supports Clubs and Societies

Freecycle groups in UK   (responsibility shared with Marketing Group)

text on freelender.org Web Pages (responsiblility shared with Website Development Group)






Comments (1)

Paul Crosland said

at 7:31 am on Jul 28, 2010

Dear freelender (name)
We're glad to see you offering something on the freelender.org site. We hope not only that it will be shared with others, but also that you will find more of what you want locally. As well as doing this on freelender.org, three other favourite sharing sites for doing this are listed below. However, just offering things on websites rarely is enough to get the attention of your neighbours. We'd like to support you in getting more sharing going in your local community. To hear more about how we might support you in generating a more sharing society around you:
1) Why not listen-in to one of our Freelending Meetings (on the phone or in person); networking meetings are held regularly - see 'the freelender community' for more info
2) Phone or text Paul Crosland (co-director, Freelending Community Interest Company) and Paul will call you back to discuss how you can get more of what you want from your neighbours. (tel Zero780 70 66 202)
If you need more info about Paul before calling this is at www.additionalinfo.blogspot.com

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