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Marketing Group

Page history last edited by Paul Crosland 13 years, 8 months ago

The Marketing Group is one of the Development Groups.


Vision: A world where everyone is fully aware of the organisations and people working towards a more sharing society.

Mission: This group is responsible for raising public awareness of the work of Freelending CIC, and recruiting new end users for its products.


  • tbd.


Contents of this Group's Home Page:

Recent marketing-type interviews

Wendy talking about ebay resolution service etc (MP4 audio file)

Wendy on the freelending ethos (You Tube video)

(Other filmed Wendy Interviews were about Beach Huts: 1) Broadstairs Beach Huts in a Kathryn Ferry Book 2) Wendy's beach hut in Tankerton, Whitstable on freelender.org)


Next Meeting - last week of July 2010 (details to follow, or contact us)


(If these meeting arrangements do not suit and you want to be involved please use contact form link here).


Agenda items include:

  1. Date of next meeting.
  2. Decisions made at previous meeting - are they a correct record?
  3. Actions outstanding from last meeting. 
  4. Matters referred on by Project Steering Group, Networking GroupWebsite Development Group, Community Conflict Transformation Group, Staff Recruitment and Induction Group or Fundraising Group
  5. Freelender Bookmarks/ Lending Packs -offering freelender packs on the home page of freelender.org (or more as a route to freelender.org?)
  6. Implications of Wendy talking about ebay resolution service etc (MP4 audio file)
  7. Implications of encouraging deposits and other matters raise in interview:  Leo talking about lending, deposits and changed consciousness.m4a
  8. The text for Freeconomy Blog
  9. Working more closely with Shannon ( www.LinkedIn.com/in/ShannonBoudjema )
  10. The recent two-stage Confused.com advertising campaign; what did we make of it?  
  11. PC: Daily Telegraph - are we going to seek out the feature articles currently on offer (and what story?)
  12. Improved look of the front page, including possible route map, which will guide people through the site. Proposal: First page has three options: Lend/Borrow/Learn about the range of ways to share more, attract people with similar interests and save money.
  13. Is the welcoming email enrolling enough for people to  a) add their items to the site b) start searching for stuff c) let us know their experience d) get involved with development and promotion eg the working groups?
  14. Improving the recruitment beyond justfortheloveofit.org for leaflet / poster design (recruiting through -see Ways to connect with others wanting to share more.
  15. Developing the Press Releases for the 2010 campaigns.
  16. Marketing ideas to be developed.


Additional Agenda Items for a Future Meeting:

  • A future campaign will target contacting lots of groups at once, so that people see freelender in several places in a short space of time.
  • Incentives for 'Adding 50 items', etc.
  • Working relationship with a number of London Housing Associations.
  • Freelending Trainings being provided by Paul Crosland.
  • Known Freecycling & freelending parties being hosted in coming month.
  • Is there an organisation with a product that it wants to offer on a trial basis to people -and can freelender.org co-ordinate this?
  • Is the home page engaging enough for people to a) get a vision of how this will be great for them b) register with us and or the freeconomy (What we want from the home page? To what extent does each page achieve the desired outcome? do we want the home page of the website to do) 
  • Filling out the Development Plan in full:


Previous Leaflets

Firstly, we produced a leaflet for a summer festival -Buddhafield festival 2009.

Secondly, we have produced a leaflet in January 2010 which links materials available from freelender* to the formation of a consortium of community groups who care about responsible resource use.

(Link to the pdf is here; we printed our copies A5 on pale green paper; what are you going to do with yours?)

Please download this leaflet and, if you want to distribute multiple copies, use this contact form to ask us to post them to you


*(The 'Age of Stupid' DVD and "Avatar -Activisits Survival Guide" (as well as the DVD) available from www.freelender.org)

Meanwhile, Paul Crosland (one of the Freelending Community Interest Company's founding directors) is documenting -in a Google Doc that you can see- some of his local work in Engaging Neighbours in Freelending. Paul is looking for graphic designers to help with the design of the local freelender newsletters that are being prepared.

(Contact freelender.org directors).

Paul is also undertaking a 'freelender on a bicycle' tour and the leaflet he is distributing is attached here for info: Freelender on a bicycle leaflet.pdf

Latest version of the Freelender Pack

(This will be added soon; for more information contact us)


Wiki Pages for which this development group is solely responsible:

market research pages

Marketing Strategies

Marketing ideas to be developed 

Clocks Back Campaign

Freelender Pack


Pages for which this development group is jointly responsible:

Wiki pages

Freecycle groups in UK   (responsibility shared with Networking and Campaigning Group).

Suggested Website Text (responsiblility shared with Website Development Group).

freelender-org home page (responsiblility shared with Website Development Group).



Ways of hearing about freelender

  1. television / radio
  2. newspaper / magazine
  3. Google / search engine
  4. other website
  5. electronic newsletter
  6. freelender event / stall
  7. freelender poster / leaflet
  8. word of mouth









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