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market research pages

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The main six questions we are working on:


  1. What are the benefits of lending & borrowing that (between us) we already know about?
  2. What stops people from lending & borrowing more?
  3. What are the solutions to the things that stop lending and borrowing more?
  4. What have we done to address that?
  5. How's it going? / What have we learnt?
  6. What are we doing next to continue to improve the situation for people to have easier access to the wealth of the community?



Market Research

Questionnaire as used at the Freelender Festival Tent:

(The following questions can be downloaded as a one-page questionnaire here: Buddhafield Support Questionnaire v5.doc)


NB - A wiki page has been created for each of the interviews in which most of the questions were answered.

Many interviews took up to 20minutes each.

Index of Interviews here


freelender Questionnaire. This Questionnaire can be completed on your own and then returned to the freelender tent.

If doing so -please tick here and put your first name here___________


If you are interviewing someone, and you want to just park something that is jeopardising the 15 minute maximum completion time, please put tell them: “That sounds important enough to you that I'll put two asterixes by it and we can come back to it later.”


[If the answers are longer than there's room for then catch a few words, or run on the rest of the words using any blank space on the form with the question number written next to it. See the lines to the bottom right.]


Interviewer Name _________________(and how many people in total have you approached since the beginning of Buddhafield to see if they are up for being interviewed for this ____________)


1) “Is it ever possible to save money by borrowing things from people?” Yes / No

2) Can you easily imagine something that would make borrowing and lending easier for you?”

3) “Do you know that people are giving away stuff for free in the freelender tent?”Yes/No

4) “Are you aware that we're also coordinating lift-sharing & social networking in the freelender tent?” Yes/No

5) “Can you spare us a few minutes to talk about how you can get more things for free in your life and get more of the connections that you might want?”Yes/No

“Thank you for your time”; Day__________Time this next section was started_______________


“Given the economic and ecological issues of our time, I'm really interested in how people see the importance of borrowing and lending. I love hearing stories of what does and doesn't work for people so that everyone can get the optimum type of borrowing or lending that works for them and for all of us.


Your answers are really valuable to me and if you find yourself answering a whole series of questions without it seeming like a beneficial use of our time, let me know and we can use our time better. ”


6) “Would you like to borrow more things than you do at present?”


7) “Approximately how many items are you currently borrowing from others and what sorts of things?”

     -7b) “Do you ever find it either fun or stressful to borrow from someone, and in what ways have you found it fun or stressful?” 


8) “Would you like to lend out more things than you do at present?” 

8b) “Approximately how many items are you currently lending to others?” 

8c) “So what do you get out of lending to others?” 

8d) “Do you ever find it either fun or stressful to lend to others, and in what ways have you found it fun or stressful?” 


9) “Which of the following are you likely to do in the next month:

  9a) make a list of things you've currently lent and/or borrowed?

  9b) make a list of things you don't use every day (and think about how you could get the benefits of lending out some of them)?

  9c) Look at freelender.org?

  9d) Use the freelender site to see what people are willing to lend to you for free, and see how they do this

  9e) Offer some items on freelender.org, once you've re-assured yourself enough about how much control you have over lending and how much confidence you can have in getting benefits from lending?

  9f) print out a page from one of the freelender websites and encourage friends to get involved?

  9g) chat to someone at Buddhafield about freelender or just about borrowing and lending more generally?

  9h) Pick up a copy of this questionnaire and either ask someone to fill it in or go through it with them?

[Answers given to Q9)- likely to do in next month?


10 & 11) “Can I, or a colleague, check in with you in a month's time whether you'd like any more support to complete the borrowing and lending tasks that you thought likely to complete within the month?” “/ email or a phone-call?” 


12) From September there are free opportunities to join in any of the following action-planning groups. (Some will meet face to face, and the country will be covered with free telephone conferences, facilitated by someone skilled in this way of working efficiently). Can you indicate whether your interest is low, medium or high in any of the following:


“Group One - Campaigning group -which starts up new related projects and develops networking?” 

“Group Two – Marketing, Freelending Trainings, Freecycling & freelending parties and Press Liaison Group” 

“Group Three – User Experience and Website Development Group"

“Group Four – Conflict Transformation Training Group” 

“Group Five – Staff Recruitment and Induction Group” 


13) “Do you seek to create ideal team-working conditions around you and what is the most important work for you at present?” 



15) Please tell me what the word 'freelender' means to you in terms of one or more of these three aspects -One, how you feel about it, Two, how you relate to the idea of someone eg you being a freelender, and 3) whether freelending might be important in creating the change you want to see in the world?” 


 16) “How do you now relate to the expression 'neither a borrower or a lender be?'. 


17) “Have you heard (before now) of the freeconomy i.e the activity that arises around the website justfortheloveofit.org and if so, are you an active member?”  


18) “The site has been running for 18 months so please take a wild guess as to how many members there are in justfortheloveofit.org?” 


19) Can I ask for the first half of your postcode?  


  20.    Can you see a link between what you do in your working or social life and what we do? For example, are you a member of a club or group that would become stronger through there being more lending to each other? 


21) If you could get al the DVDs, books, music, tools, bikes, tandems or whatever you wanted to borrow all on Freelender within a mile of your house, how much would you estimate that you would save in the next six months? 


22) Are you sympathetic towards lift-sharing & if so, what would you like to do to support it and or to engage with the freecycling here? 


23) Any additional comments? 


Some earlier draft questionnaires and respondents answers- click this link



Marketing Strategies


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