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This page is due for Autumn 2010 overhaul to sort it into all the categories of sorting out how we use stuff and skills so that we obtain:

  1. maximum sharing (and/or maximum value) from manufactured stuff and the skills we've learned
  2. minimum ecological harm from production, use or from decisions that things are no longer of use:


The categories to restructure the links page are proposed to be: 



Freelender on the web


Swapshop video recording extracted from Paul Crosland's You Tube account

Forum for the Future - January 2010

Open Collective blog - October 2009

Great Turning Times - August 2009 (see item 17 in the newsletter)

Freeconomy blog ( - July 2009


News Stories 



Related websites




Resource sharing websites


Note: Some websites appear in more than one category.


Lending / Borrowing

LetsAllShare: Sharing / renting / freecycling site with feedback ratings for users" (SOURCE) "The Loanables community brings together people who have worthwhile items to loan out and people who want to borrow them."  A US-only site (searching is on zip code), with most items in Austin, Texas. Renting for money is allowed, in fact it is encouraged, and this is the focus of their marketing. However, don't take a commission. (the freeconomy): Toolshare. Also has Skillshare, Spaceshare and Landshare.



LetsAllShare - Sharing / renting / freecycling site with feedback ratings for users" (SOURCE) - sophisticated online rental marketplace.

Zilok UK - many things, including pets

Handbag hire HQ - just designer handbags renting as w


Swapping  Book swapping in the UK."314,782 books available" as at 31/01/09 Book swapping. the original clothes-swapping, or "swishing", site.  Also does buying and selling.

Big Wardrobe: a clothes-swapping site that recently launched a national swapping "road show".

Seedy People: seed-swapping site for gardeners and allotment owners. Has no seeds as at 31/01/09.

Swap Shop via (London's gumtree swap shop here)


Giving / Receiving / Freecycling

Freecycle helps people be generous with what they are getting rid of by finding someone to pick it up.

Freegle: a new breakaway set of groups from ex-Freecycle UK moderators

GreenGonzo: freecycling

MySkip: a celeb-backed swapping site with photos (domain closed as at 31/01/09), MySkip blog still exists.

vSkips: a healthy reuse site with a simple design and over 25,000 "virtual skips"

Gumtree: popular for giveaways and classified sales. Fairly London-centric but very busy At 2recycle there are no groups to join and no moderators, everyone gets to see newly listed items at the same time and users are not bombarded with unwanted email; it simply does what it says on the tin. Also has a lot of green lifestyle info.

Don't Dump That: forum-based reuse site along the lines of Freecycle  Preloved is a classified advertising website were you can sell stuff for free.

They have also recently introduced a 'Freeloved' section which lists giveaways in your local area: - try freeshare in glasgow (if you live here)

FREEUSE, run by N.W.Leics. District Council. - Bristol-centric site which includes a Free Stuff freecycling section a set of local Yahoo groups who have broken away from Freecycle.



RecycleNow: an official government site that has a postcode service to locate your nearest recycling centre



Services (the freeconomy) - Skillshare, Toolshare, Spaceshare, Landshare and Philosofree


Places to Stay (About CS) (Vision, Mission & Aims)

Be Welcome: Similar to couchsurfing?  staying in other people's homes



Advice How to start a business with no money.


Places to look for More Links

Open Collective



Notes in relation to freecycling, other database initiatives:

"Freecycling is a fabulous initiative, a great way to help the environment and get something you need at the same time. However there's an even better way now! Have a look at GreenGonzo, a new website at which provides a searchable database so you can just enter a keyword and find what you need. No more poring over endless yahoogroup mailing lists, no more moderators and no more fuss. There's a computer up for grabs in the North London area. Its a non-profit organisation too, none of its services will cost you a penny.

I reckon this is a better approach to reusing goods and materials, as it is simply far more straightforward. Frecycle is, nevertheless a really great idea, time to take it into the twenty-first century though!" (review from


Also recommended (but not yet checked)


Intentional Communities to research: