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Fundraising Group

Page history last edited by Paul Crosland 14 years ago

The Fundraising Group is one of the Development Groups 


Vision: A world where all organisations and people working towards a more sharing society have sufficient funding.

Mission: This group is responsible for raising funds for Freelending CIC.

Aims (Q1 2010):

  • ???.


Contents of this Group's Home Page:

Next Meeting - last week of July 2010 (details to follow, or contact us)

Click here to get details of how to join the Networking Group Teleconference.

(If these meeting arrangements do not suit and you want to be involved please use the contact form link here)



  1. Dates of next meetings.
  2. Decisions made at previous meeting - are they a correct record?
  3. Actions outstanding from last meeting.
  4. Head-hunting Gloria Charles (who has advised Mark Boyle 10/3/10) or other fundraisers
  5. The latest idea in relation to working with a mediation service (leaflet offering opportunity to contribute/help with neighbour/local tensions) & delivered by scouts & guides in East Kent (& though not yet negotiated, Brent)
  6. How we sit in relation to the Freemium model , as being used by others - this is the relevant blog entry.
  7. 25 trust funds identified on this page; 32 on another site; what next?
  8. Working with this project funding template
  9. Look further into Nesta Social Enterprise funding eg Bridges Fund
  10. Business Development Grants etc.pdf
  11. Ideas contained in the Freelending CIC Private Business.
  12. Matters referred on by Networking Group, Marketing Group, Website Development Group, Community Conflict Transformation Group, Staff Recruitment and Induction Group or Fundraising Group.
  13. Matters referred on by the Project Steering Group.
  14. Research on Funding Possibilities.


Outstanding Actions



Additional Agenda Items for a meeting beyond the next:

These parts of the Development Plan :

4.0 Financials

4.1 Break-even Analysis

4.2 Sales Forecast

4.3 Expense Forecast


FutureBuilders funding?

Decisions Made 


  • Untld trust fund progress -not suitable for a Freelender application
  • The other trust fund applications -
  • FutureBuilders funding?; to keep reviewing
  • To keep reviewing private Sponsorship opportunities
  • To review in 2010 the options of having on site insurance, fines, donations button and/or commission on sales
  • Renewing the principle of all income being made by other trading arms / partnerships
  • To reflect further on fractional owning initiatives - see News Stories -Background


Wiki Pages for which this development group is solely responsible:

Funding Possibilities 

Wiki Pages jointly responsible:


freelender.org pages - joint responsibility (with Website Development Group)







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