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Freelending CIC Private Business

Page history last edited by Paul Crosland 10 years, 7 months ago

We have created a wiki site that covers Freelending CIC Private Business.

If you are working closely enough with us -or want to- please go to this wiki site and ask for access.


Matters on this site are (as at January 2010):


Project Steering Group

- Annual Report for Freelending CIC

- FL website big ideas

Networking Group

- Networking (short-)list

- How much we know they know about us?

Marketing Group

- Marketing Questions & Report

- Preparing for Leafleting

Website Development Group

- Front Page options

- How we assess website development ideas

- User Terms and Conditions

- Personal Stories and Info about those involved in FL CIC

- Critiques of freelender.org

Fundraising Group

 -The Freemium Plan


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